6 - 29 March 2020

The Theme

i Light Singapore

We often freely dispose of things we no longer need in our daily lives, but have they truly reached the end of their life span? Our daily habits reinforce traditional definitions of what waste is, but by introducing change to our lifestyle choices, we can also challenge the definition of what waste can be.  
This edition, the topic of sustainability takes centre stage at i Light Singapore. The Festival will return with the theme Re: Light, Re: Live, Re: Imagine, featuring several light art installations that are upcycled and repurposed from everyday objects defined as waste. Through imaginative ways to extend their life span, these items are given a new lease of life.  Walk with us through this creative process to explore and reimagine the endless potential of everyday objects usually thrown away.
An end or a promising new beginning? See disposable everyday objects in a new light, and transform your nights with us at i Light Singapore 2020