28 JAN - 24 FEB 2019

Installation #23

Cenotaph for a Stone

Cenotaph for a Stone

Waterboat House Garden


Cenotaph for a Stone serves as a reinterpretation of the Singapore Stone as what it was, what it is and what it could have been. Taking cues from the stone's decimation in 1843, the installation seeks to monumentalise the event that forever perpetuated its mysticism; as well as set a factual context to the stone, misconstrued by the fictionalised ‘Badang’ folklore.

The installation comprises 51 ‘rock fragments’ on steel pedestals, with the 52nd pedestal being empty, hinting the only piece with its whereabouts known, currently residing in the National Museum of Singapore. The stone fragments are placed in an orchestrated fashion that recreates what the stone could likely be shaped like, based on dimensional records by Munshi Abdullah. This faux stone can be seen as a full piece when viewed from the front of the installation. However, this shifts to a time-warped explosion as the visitor walks around its perimeter.

1st Prize of i Light Student Award

Bryan Joseph Cadag, Loo Quan Le and Zulkarnain Bin Mohd Zin from National University Singapore (Singapore)

After graduating with a Diploma in Architecture (2015) from Singapore Polytechnic, Bryan Cadag, Loo Quan Le and Zulkarnain Bin Mohd Zin are currently pursuing a BA(Hons) in Architecture at the National University of Singapore. Frequently working within the confines of theoretical projects in an academic setting, this installation marks the first physical product of their collaboration together.