28 JAN - 24 FEB 2019

Installation #21



Esplanade Park


"If art is how we decorate space, music is how we decorate time." - Anon.

HALO is a new participatory sonic and visual kinetic environment from the makers of Illumaphonium from i Light Marina Bay 2018. The 'halos' are visually linked and arranged in vertical columns; each representing the never-ending flow of the present moment. This work is semi-autonomous and creates evolving patterns of sound and light with interaction from visitors. By participating in the music-making, visitors create a link to the visitors of the past, present and future. 

Show Timings:
Daily: 7.53pm – 8.15pm, 8.23pm – 8.45pm, 8.53pm – 9.15pm, 9.23pm – 9.45pm, 9.53pm – 10.15pm, 10.23pm – 10.45pm
Additional shows on Friday & Saturday: 10.53pm – 11.15pm, 11.23pm – 11.45pm

Michael Davis (United Kingdom)

Michael Davis is a designer and maker of outdoor large-scale and highly-responsive sonic and visual kinetic sculptures. He has also spent extensive amount of time living with traditional musicians in West Africa where he was introduced to many aspects of instrument making. His installation work uses all of these skills. In 2016, he began working with kinetic lighting as an integral part of his chime-based installations and developed Illumaphonium. This piece enjoyed massive success and he has to date produced 6 units which have been exhibited across two continents. His belief is that through design – physical, harmonic, rhythmic and in computer code, it is possible to create an enticing, engaging and creative environment where people naturally want to explore and express themselves. Through doing so, they find out a little more about themselves that was perhaps previously not made known. The interactive works he produces are a synthesis of these diverse skills and values.