28 JAN - 24 FEB 2019

Installation #19



Jubilee Bridge


Hundreds of vertical flags on Jubilee Bridge are animated by kaleidoscopic lighting as Oriflammes flaps with the gentle breeze. Connecting two opposite ends of the waters with a dynamic display of colours, this artwork combines light, colours and movement.  Alive night and day, crossing the bridge is like a journey towards new horizons.

Sebastien Lefevre (France)

Sebastien Lefevre began his career in lighting for performing arts. With a desire to express himself in a more personal way through his own artistic projects, he created his first light concepts for an urban lighting festival "la Fête des Lumières" in Lyon (2004). His works mainly focus on transforming architectural landscapes with luminous scenography. His creations were presented at “Fête des Lumières" in Lyon, Bruxelle in Belgium, Leipzig in Germany, Lausanne and Geneva in Switzerland, Bucarest in Romania, Göteborg in Sweden, Moscow in Russia and Dubai in UAE. He is proud to present his work for the first time in Singapore.