6 - 29 March 2020

Installation #6

Prospegtive Perspective

Prospegtive Perspective

Marina Bay lower boardwalk


Prospegtive Perspective is an installation that explores the expressive potential of everyday objects. Ubiquitous across residences in Singapore, the humble clothes peg is easily recognisable to most Singaporeans. The sight of pegged laundry on bamboo poles, dancing with the breeze at HDB flats – the team is fascinated by how such a simple object could bring across so much local flavour. Adopting the clothes peg as their building module, they hope that their installation brings joy to those who can see the peg in a new light. Further inspired by stories of Singaporeans through the ages building the city, each single peg is replicated and connected to form layers, creating an impression of Singapore’s signature skyline. With the installation facing the city skyline across Marina Bay, acting as a projection of future buildings, the installation extends the existing skyline, serving as an imaginative bridge to the future.


2nd Prize of i Light Student Award


Co-created by

Boewe Design

Carnation Kng, Low Jo Ann and Justina Teng Yimin from National University of Singapore (Singapore)

Carnation Kng, Justina Teng, and Low Jo Ann are currently pursuing a BA(Hons) in Architecture at the National University of Singapore. This being their first collaboration together, they look forward to being involved in many more of such projects.